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Mobile Friendly and Responsive…
With all the buzz about Mobile Friendly websites, we finally bit the bullet and updated our website to be responsive and better suited for various devices. It took quite a lot of work (and careful searching for our main template, or
theme) but we think it’s going to be worth it.

The Concept…

The concept is that with clients (or potential clients) accessing the web on various-sized mobile devices, it makes sense to make our site more usable and easy-to-read on these devices. What that means is that the site needs to change, or be
responsive, to various size formats and adjust accordingly. Instead of having to pinch, double tap, or horizontally scroll to read text, for example, a responsive site will adjust itself to fit the device rather than the user having to go through gyrations to read a site.


For example, in the top image, our website as it appears on an iPhone, held horizontally. In the image above, our website appears as it would on an iPhone, held
vertically (left) and the same page viewed on an iPad, held horizontally (right). In the image below, how it appears on an iPad held vertically, and how it would appear on a regular browser (computer screen). You’ll notice how the menu bar at the top of the computer screen version is replaced by a truncated ‘menu’ button on the vertical iPhone, rather than pinching or double-tapping to zoom in to actually see what the menu says, and the text blocks rearrange themselves. Similarly, image galleries and sidebars all re-align and resize themselves to remain a consistent viewing size on each of the devices. Pretty cool stuff.


Although we never like to publish something until it’s
really ready, we thought we should get the site up and running (even if all of the old pages haven’t been converted over to the new format) and work out the kinks over the next week or so.

About Our Authoring Software…
We were introduced a few years ago to
Rapidweaver, an easy-to-use website authorizing software that utilizes CSS scripting in an easy-to-use format. By using pre-designed templates, or themes (either included with Rapidweaver or through third-party authors), we are able to write every word, image, and page—effectively (we think), quickly, and with a tremendous amount of versatility.

A great big thanks to Nick Cates of
Nick Cates Design for designing our theme (IRIS) on the RapidWeaver platform, and for brilliantly creating a way to simulate the site on all these devices (prior to publishing). All the device screen-shots were taken within RapidWeaver, in the IRIS theme. He also authored our previous website’s theme—O-Mega, which many of you commented was a very nice site. We also use two of his stacks—Light Page and Production, to create our image galleries and row-and-column formats. Thank you Nick!!

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