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Commercial Projects
Our commercial projects include office, automotive and service, mixed use, and tenant improvement, and encompass new construction, additions, and remodels. A hallmark of our commercial design is the introduction of residential concepts and comforts into the work environment. Our retail projects include; High-end, boutique, showroom and retail, and automotive and service. Our restaurant projects include; Fine dining, casual, quick-serve, and franchises. Our retail and restaurant projects have provided us the opportunity to introduce our product, graphic, and branding design experience, and have featured strong integration of outdoor environments.

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Our restaurant work highlights our ability to develop a strong Program, with technical expertise and grace, while creating memorable and evocative spaces reflecting our Owner's concepts. The Concept Development phase is perhaps the most important, and one of our strengths, integrating imagery and spacial ideas with menu and workflow fundamentals as the backbone. Our back-of-house expertise includes menu design and analysis, complete equipment specification and space planning, workflow analysis, and budgeting. Our front of house expertise includes space planning, fixture and furnishings, lighting design, and accessories. We work well with clients who have their own specifications and technical requirements already established, those who need assistance with Concept Development, or those seeking a complete Design-Build package.
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Crossings Restaurant
This beautiful project is an adaptive reuse of one of South Pasadena's most notable historic resources: the Edwards and Faw Building on Mission Street. Originally a subdivided retail-ground-floor and subdivided office-second-floor, both floors were opened up to provide a unique two-story, with a split-level wine cellar, fine dining restaurant in South Pasadena's Mission Street District.
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Communal Restaurant
This all-outdoor restaurant is a beautiful juxtaposition of indoor and outdoor, modern and rustic, light and shadow, and material contrasts. Tucked away in a 'secret garden' next to South Pasadena's Farmer's Market, this unique space is a testament to natural, translucent lighting.
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Wistaria Restaurant
Coming Soon.
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Crepe Studio
Coming Soon.
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Great Harvest Restaurant and Bakery
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Zen Palate Pasadena
Coming Soon.

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Office and Retail
Our office work capitalizes on the understanding of comfort and quality spaces developed in our residential practice and brings it to the work environment. Our resulting commercial spaces thus possess those qualities more akin to residential environments—interior/exterior connections, quality daylighting, hierarchy and progression, and strong materiality. Our buildings are comfortable places to work within, form strong and dynamic interactions with people and the environment, and respect the notion that, often times, a majority of our waking hours are spent in these environments.
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Village Courtyard
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Citrus Valley Association of Realtors
Coming Soon.
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Mission Tile West - Costa Mesa
Coming Soon.
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Villa Velocity
Coming Soon.