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About Us:
Our influences and interests play a pivotal role in our practice as the practice of architecture is often times the practice of life itself. Most of our interests require a study and discipline similar to architecture and design, and develop sensibilities and skills that greatly influence our practice.

Art and Photography
Pen and Ink drawing (with colored-pencil washes) is one of Anthony’s favorite ways to relax. His older brother, an animator of the pre-computer days, instilled in him his love for hand drawing, repetition, and the appreciation for the ‘finality’ of ink. His study of Japanese woodblock prints, and his fondness for the inspiring and prolific Francis Ching, are clearly reflected in his sketches and drawings.

Kim’s passion for the visual arts is expressed through her photography. Her sense of light and lighting is a key element in her work, and this sense and appreciation translates directly into her architectural work. Her skill at capturing images that express themes, spaces, textures, color, and form are what inform all her design processes.


Music and Dance
Anthony was blessed to grow up surrounded by live music as his older sister, a classical pianist, completed her schooling and training. He plays guitar (both acoustic and electric) and has a keen ear for tone and a sophisticated sense of rhythm. Not surprisingly, many of the terms he uses in architecture are also terms found in music; rhythm, theme, harmony, composition, point-and-counterpoint, etc., are deeply ingrained in his way of seeing.

Contemporary Dance has been an integral part of Kim’s life for the past 34 years. Through her work as a professional dancer and her study of Contemporary Jazz, Ballet, and Modern Dance (with masters of Horton and Graham technique), she is keenly aware of the techniques that create structural form and movement in space. So too in architecture and design, an understanding of structural form and the ability to evoke movement is essential.


Cooking and Gardening
Both Kim and Anthony share a passion for cooking, with an emphasis on fresh, flavorful, and simple. They share a proclivity for Japanese, Mediterranean, and vegetarian cuisine, and (also not surprisingly) their architectural sensibilities are strikingly similar. Their comfortability in the kitchen has had a tremendous impact on their kitchen and restaurant designs, and their delight in outdoor cooking and kitchen gardening has had a similar impact on their outdoor living designs.


Community Service and Volunteerism
Anthony’s volunteer sensibility started while he was still an intern, as he became Associate Director for the American Institute of Architects (Pasadena / Foothill Chapter). Once licensed, he became Communications Director, and then Treasurer and member of the Executive Committee. Upon relocating to South Pasadena, he was appointed to the City’s Design Review Board, ultimately becoming Chairman. In 2010 he was appointed to the City’s Planning Commission, and currently serves as Vice Chairman.

He and Kim are also volunteers on the City’s Community Garden Committee, leading the design and construction subcommittee.